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Blasdel Enterprises Designs and Manufactures Custom Infrared Heaters

Ceramic Generators

Durable nichrome wire wound around a ceramic core is embedded in ceramic material and then fired in a kiln on site. Full temperature can be attained within five minutes. These generators are available in 500, 750, and 1000 watts. These heaters are 90% heat transfer efficient by producing medium wave infrared as well as convection heat.

Ideal substrates:

  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Other low temperature substrates

Coil-O-Rod or COR (Incoloy) Generators

These elements deliver fast start-up in only three minutes and are available in 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000 and 3000 watts.

Ideally suited for:

  • Powder Coating
  • Baked Enamels
  • Moisture Dry Off
  • Vacuum Forming
  • Degreasing
  • Softening Plastics For Compression Molding

These heaters are 90% heat transfer efficient by producing medium wave infrared as well as convection heat.  These emitters can be used for replacement on other electric infrared ovens that have similar emitters.

Both ceramic or COR elements have a 12″ square aluminum reflector located behind the element to accurately direct the radiant heat towards the product, in a uniform pattern, providing an effective target zone. Aluminum is second only to gold in its ability to reflect the radiant heat towards the product. If the reflector is clean and efficient, you can touch the reflector even after the oven has been on for hours. Reflectors need to be cleaned if reflector is hot to the touch.  Blasdel has the capability of cleaning your oven reflectors either aluminum or stainless.  We have disposable reflectors as well.  Let us know about your reflector needs.

Infrared ovens

Ceramic Panel Heaters F-Series

These heaters are used for heating large, massive or reflective products. Panel heaters are also a great option when space is limited. Watt densities up to 25 watts per square inch can efficiently transfer heat at high rates as well as shorten oven cycles. In large products, the coatings may be cured without heating the entire mass of the part. This means the cooling time is shortened as well.

Ceramic Panel Heaters create a great deal of convection heat along with radiant energy. Complex parts, hidden areas, and reflective materials are heated in a similar process of a convection oven, but with the speed of radiant heat.

Ceramic panel infrared emitter

Infraround Heaters

Infraround series heaters are efficient, fast response, medium wavelength cylindrical infrared emitters designed for use in industrial heating applications for wire and cable, tubing, pipe, pultrusions, etc. This heater is excellent for high temperature applications with a fast on/off response time. The hinged design allows for easy maintenance. It uses a serpentine metallic element and is controlled with a K thermocouple embedded in the heater.

FS Series Heaters

The FS Series heaters are high watt density, up to 45 watts per inch square, offering on/off response times of about 30 seconds. FS heaters use a serpentine metallic element. They are appropriate for high temperature applications with more delicate substrates that would be damaged if the production line should stop. Temperature is controlled with a K thermocouple and a set point temperature controller. With proper oven design, a moderate amount of convection heat can be retained, maximizing both radiant and convection heat. A protective stainless steel face screen keeps any product off of the face of this powerful heater.

V Series Heater

The V-Series is utilized in applications that require high power, tight process control, and fast heat-up/ cool-down. V-Series have fast on/off time which is excellent for web and textile applications. V-Series heaters have similar response time to short wavelength infrared but are more durable.

Gas Catalytic Heaters

For surfaces that do not have adequate 3 phase electrical service, gas catalytic heaters are an option. These systems produce a long wavelength output well suited to lower temperature applications. Gas catalytic works very well on large complex shapes, as well.  Types of applications include powder coating and liquid paint curing.

Gas Catalytic Heaters

Quartz Tubes

Quartz tubes are occasionally used in systems designed by Blasdel. Although this type of emitter is fragile, requiring relatively high maintenance, it is capable of extremely high heat and offers nearly instant on/off cycles. These tubes also provide an excellent option when heating small parts or small areas of a product. Reflector designs can be added to effectively target areas as small as 1″.

quartz tube elements for infrared heaters