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Automatic Thermoforming Oven System

Automatic Thermoforming Oven System

Blasdel Enterprises recently designed and manufactured a complete thermoforming oven system with a pick and place loader and a press loading shuttle conveyor.  This system frees up manpower by only needing parts to be placed in the loading area when the magazine is depleted.  The final product is for a mini SUV spare tire cover.

Parts load onto the oven entrance by a pick and place loader, automatically. Oven indexes the part through three heating zones. Heated substrate or charge exits the oven and then is transferred to the press automatically. By utilizing automated loaders, there is a reduction for the need for extra manpower thereby add value to the system. Also, there are multiple safety features for this system, which reduces potential injuries.

Medium wave infrared has excellent transfer energy for polypropylene and glass-mat thermoplastic (GMT).

Contact Blasdel Enterprises for a customized system for you thermoforming project. 812.663.3213

Thermoforming oven for GMT or polyform

Check out the video of the system in operation.