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Gas Catalytic Ovens

Blasdel Gas Catalytic Oven
Gas Catalytic Batch Oven for Heavy Equipment

Blasdel Enterprises, Inc.


Custom Gas Catalytic Ovens Designed and Manufactured by Blasdel Enterprises

Gas Catalytic Ovens

Blasdel Enterprises designs and manufactures gas catalytic ovens. Gas catalytic emits energy in the long wave to the lower end of medium wave infrared spectrum.  This allows for greater flexibility and is well suited to lower temperature applications.  For customers that do not have adequate 3 phase electrical service, gas catalytic heaters are a great solution.

Types of applications include powder coating and liquid paint curing.  Gas catalytic ovens work seamlessly with an electric infrared oven as a pre-gel oven for powder coating.  Powder coating on MDF parts works well with gas catalytic oven systems as well.

On large complex parts, a system utilizing an electric infrared oven as a pre-gel and a gas catalytic oven as a final cure, is more efficient than using a convection oven.

If you have a current gas catalytic oven that needs to have the pads rebuilt or replaced, contact us for a quote.

Let Blasdel Enterprises design and build a gas catalytic system for you.

Contact us to help design your system or set up a test in our Blasdel Testing Lab.    Contact/Quotes