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Powered adjustable width infrared powder coating oven

Powder Coating Oven with Powered Adjustable Width

Infrared Powder Coating Oven with Powered Adjustable Width

One of our long-time customers wanted to update their powder coating oven and painting system.  The very successful sheet metal fabricating business needed to increase their production on their powder coating and liquid paint line.  With small to very large parts, they knew from their current oven that they wanted another Blasdel infrared powder coating oven.  The previous Blasdel oven was purchased used in 2006 and the infrared technology helped to grow their business astronomically.  After they purchased the oven used and found out how easy the infrared oven is to use.  The energy efficiency and versatility to run many different size and shapes of parts was a huge bonus.

The new powder coating oven would be hotter than their current oven.  The first oven utilizes Blasdel Coil-O-Rods and aluminum reflectors.  The new oven uses higher wattage ceramic panel heaters.  The configuration of the new infrared oven would be the same including the width being adjustable.

The current adjustable width oven, ergonomically, needed four people to change the width by moving it in and out manually.   Often they needed to wait for it to cool down.  Faced with this challenge, Blasdel designed a powered width adjustment system, where by a drive system moves the oven in and out with the touch of a push button.  Also, there was no need to wait for the powder coating oven to cool and the width could be changed on the fly.  This was a game changer.

Presently, the customer’s production has increased dramatically and the previous oven is still in use as a backup and moisture dry-off oven to accelerate dry time after their washer.

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