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Industrial Electric Infrared Ovens, Gas Catalytic Ovens & Convection Ovens

Industrial Electric Infrared Ovens, Gas Catalytic Ovens & Convection Ovens

High quality industrial ovens by Blasdel Enterprises are known world wide.  These ovens including for example, infrared, gas catalytic, convection, high-volume air and thermoforming ovens.  To meet each customer’s unique needs we specialize in specific design and production.  That Blasdel’s oven systems are long-lasting and reliable is yet another key point.  All are built to withstand years of trouble-free operation with excellent energy efficiency.

Here is a 57 second video of a finished shuttle oven.

Testing prior to the production phase is conducted at our full-scale production lab utilizing one of our industrial testing ovens Our test facility includes a number of industrial ovens equipped with medium wave electric infrared ceramic panels, Coil-O-Rods and ceramic generators as well as gas catalytic infrared and high volume air/convection ovens.  High density V-Series heaters are available for small parts testing.  Finally we have batch ovens for small production parts.  Selection of the proper emitter for your process will eliminate potential future problems. Blasdel knows testing prior to design is imperative to help ensure efficient results after installation in your facility.  Potential customers may lease small test sets on a monthly basis for their own research.

Here is a link What-is-Infrared-Energy for detailed and technical data about Infrared wave lengths and explanations.