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Blasdel Testing Lab

Blasdel Enterprises, Inc.

Welcome to the Blasdel test lab

Blasdel Adjustable width Oven
Blasdel Electric Oven Paint Room

Our goal is to ensure your success.  A key point is selection of the oven for your best results based on information you provide.  In addition we will do our best to successfully complete testing of your parts in one of our numerous test ovens.

Another Key point are your Requirements for design and testing setup:

  • The specific goals you wish to accomplish, such as curing powder, drying paint or other liquids, forming plastic or heating material to specified temperatures, moisture dry-off, preheat, other drying or curing.
  • Maximum part size to accomplish your goal.
  • Maximum processing speed
  • Power requirements in detail for your facility where any future oven would be in use. Fuel type needed if electric, gas or LP?

Requirements for testing:

  • Five to ten parts are needed for multiple tests to determine the appropriate process.  Testing of smaller sizes is easier in our test ovens.  Specifically, maximum size for vertically hanging parts is 48” for  temperature requirements above 500F and maximum 60” for less than 500 F.  For parts conveyed horizontally, maximum part sizes are 24” W for top and bottom heat and 48”W for top only heat.  High Volume air testing maximum part sizes are 24” W X 30” H.
  • A minimum of 3 lbs. of powder coating or 1 gallon of liquid paint for finishing testing
  • Your paint, powder, plastic or other material for testing together with all TDS and MSDS sheets. This is a Fire Department requirement.
  • Equally important are your shipping instructions and account number for us to return all powders, paints, test parts and etc.
  • Maximum three days for free testing

If all these requirements are not provided however, testing cannot start.

Other than these requirements, there is no charge for testing for up to three days.  Scheduling does need to be confirmed in advance for all testing.

Once testing is complete we will send you DataPaq charts in PDF format showing times and temperatures we used in testing.

Another key point includes pictures taken during the testing process are shared.  By all means, email or phone Greg with further concerns or question.

Please contact Greg DeWitt.  E-mail is

Blasdel Enterprises, Inc.

495 W. McKee Street

Greensburg, IN 47240

Phone 812.663.3213 • Fax 812.663.4968