Blasdel Enterprises recently designed and built an oven for a manufacturer to hold dimensional tolerances on interior door parts.  After extensive testing utilizing medium wave infrared and high volume air, it was determined in our test facility that the high volume air oven returned the best results.  The difficulty of the part was that there were multiple types of material that reacted with heat at different levels.  When testing in the infrared oven, some areas melted and other areas did not reach the 200 degrees F that was needed to maintain the tolerances.  The hy-vol oven held the part at the necessary temperature with very little fluctuation in part temperature.  An integrated conveyor was added to the design of the oven which allows for an automated process.  The conveyor has been modified to align with the customer’s current conveyor system.  Access doors allow for maintenance of the oven and to access parts if necessary.  The control panel is mounted on the oven.  This one piece design allows for easy installation for the customer.