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Plastic Annealing Oven
Blasdel Plastic Annealing Oven Door Side for Holding Dimensional Tolerances on Car Doors
Plastic Annealing oven
Blasdel Plastic Annealing Oven for Holding Dimensional Tolerances on Car Doors
Plastic Annealing Oven
Blasdel Plastic Annealing Oven for Holding Dimensional Tolerances on Car Doors

Blasdel Plastic Annealing Oven

Blasdel Enterprises recently designed and built an oven for annealing plastic on interior door parts to hold dimensional tolerances.  After extensive testing utilizing medium wave infrared and high volume air, it was determined in our test facility that the high volume air oven returned the best results.  The part was difficult because there were multiple types of material that reacted with heat at temperatures.  When testing in the infrared oven, some areas melted and other areas did not reach the 200 degrees F that was needed to maintain the tolerances.  Utilizing our high volume air oven test set, we held the part at the necessary temperature with very little fluctuation in part temperature.

Even air flow within the oven is recirculated to reduce heat loss thereby adding to the energy efficiency of the plastic annealing oven and conveyor system. The plastic annealing oven is built with an integrated conveyor added which automates the process.  Design and construction of the conveyor has been modified to align with the customer’s current conveyor system.  Access doors allow for maintenance of the oven and to access parts, if necessary.  The control panel is mounted on the oven.  This one piece design allows for easy installation for the customer.

The success of this oven has led the customer to work with Blasdel to add more of our equipment to their facility for other processes.  Testing will be in our facility to determine the best infrared and/or air recirculation process for their parts.

For a video of a similar oven, see our conveyor oven page and our YouTube Page. Contact us if you would like to run some tests in our facility.

Our full line of industrial ovens includes Paint and Powder Coating Ovens, Thermoforming Oven Systems, Adhesive Curing, High Volume Air and Convection Ovens plus material handling equipment.


Established in 1982, Blasdel Enterprises is an innovative leader for custom design and fabrication of industrial ovens and material handling equipment.  With equipment in the field for over 35 years, our reputation shows that we excel at all heat and motion technologies. Our full line of industrial ovens includes electric infrared ovens, gas catalytic ovens, high-velocity air or convection ovens, thermoforming ovens and other custom ovens for curing or drying.  To meet your short and large production run requirements, we build batch systems as well as indexing and continuous conveyor systems. The flexibility of your oven can be enhanced through the integration of special material handling systems, independent control zones and automated loading systems.  Our ovens are built to NFPA-86 Standards for Ovens and Furnaces.

We are a UL-508A rated control panel shop for the US and Canada. Also, we can enhance your system by integrating conveyors, pick and place robots and other specialty equipment.

Blasdel Enterprises, Inc. is a family business focused on customer service and satisfaction.  We have the capacity, to meet the needs of any size of corporation while providing affordable, energy efficient custom designed equipment.