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Blasdel Industrial Oven Resources

Industrial oven resources at Blasdel can help solve many issues.  For example, this sample Control Panel menu screen or any program of your choosing can be installed and then we will set it up to your specifications for time, temperature, and all other parameters of your choosing.  Then we will work with your operators and engineers to teach them its proper operation.  Use this and all the other resouces below to answer questions.  If more direction is needed, call or email us

You Tube offers this short video showing the operation of a pick and place robot controlled by a PLC

PLC Screen
Blasdel PLC/HMI Screen


Industrial Ovens by Blasdel Resources page is the place to find information on infrared ovens. Using the information below, one can learn answers to many questions not only about our ovens, but about infrared heat and how it works, the types of infrared heat, the temperature spectrum of it and much more.  With thirty five years plus of experience, we are your go to source for any information related to infrared electric or gas ovens.  Our ovens are used for thermoforming, paint finishing, powder coating & adhesive curing. These include infrared ovens, high volume (high velocity) air ovens, convection ovens, conveyors, control panels, and thermoforming ovens. You can download additional information on infrared ovens and infrared technology on this page.  Blasdel Enterprises is a leading manufacturer of industrial ovens and control panels.   Contact us with questions or for additional information as well.

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