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Custom Gas Catalytic Oven

Gas catalytic Oven
Gas Catalytic Oven for Construction Industry

Blasdel Enterprises designed and manufactured a custom Gas Catalytic Oven to be used for curing paint on road construction equipment for the paving market. With a removable exhaust ceiling, doors and wall panels, the design was carefully planned to be transported and assembled easily onsite. Doors on both ends allow the equipment to be pulled in for drying and then out when finished. A reflective interior assures the part is getting the most heat transfer possible from the gas catalytic emitters. A heavy duty frame ensures the ruggedness of the oven.  Man doors are included for inspection and observation.

This mammoth oven will serve this manufacturer for years to come.

About Blasdel Enterprises

Our full line of industrial ovens includes Paint and Powder Coating Ovens, Thermoforming Oven Systems, Adhesive Curing, High Volume Air and Convection Ovens plus material handling equipment.

Established in 1982, Blasdel Enterprises is an innovative leader for custom design and fabrication of industrial ovens and material handling equipment.  With equipment in the field for over 39 years, our reputation shows that we excel at all heat and motion technologies. Our full line of industrial ovens includes electric infrared ovens, gas catalytic ovens, thermoforming ovens, high-velocity air and convection ovens,  as well as other custom ovens for curing, drying or heating.

To meet your short and large production run requirements, we build batch systems as well as indexing and continuous conveyor systems. The flexibility of your oven can be enhanced through the integration of special material handling systems, independent control zones and automated loading systems. Our ovens are built to NFPA-86 Standards for Ovens and Furnaces.

We are a UL-508A rated control panel shop for the US and Canada.

Contact us to provide a specific solution for your paint or powder curing needs. With years of experience delivering custom, industrial ovens for paint and powder coating finishes, thermoforming and a variety of custom-specified material handling solutions, Blasdel is ready to address your facility’s production needs.

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